Just checking in between Mac Hall and the Education building. Things are hectic, stressed, frantic -didactically speaking. They’ve got me talking, like, education lingo or something, and sometimes I just don’t know which way is up, but that’s okay coz my sentence structures and grammar are, like, way improving and my lexicon is expanding and I, like, hardly ever use run-on sentences anymore. This school business is tough. Being pulled every which way, trying to please everyone and do all the reading, and write well, and still somehow have a life of some kind is a really tall order. No one needs to wonder whether a degree is hard work. These kids – like, if they come out of this at the end with the desired piece of paper, they have at the very least shown an ability to organize themselves – especially if they’re doing a full course load, like what I am. And that’s a waaaaaay good thing.

(Yes, kids really do talk like this.)

Anyway, class now.



Constructive thoughts please

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