The return to school following the Christmas break has been most interesting. Of course, I’m still much older than most of the other students here – they aren’t catching up or anything – but that doesn’t seem to bother the ones who were in class with me last semester. In the hallways, in the classrooms I’ve seen more smiles of happy recognition since coming back than I think I have seen for many years. It’s great: there’s a real sense of camaraderie which just would not develop if the kids were leery of me. This tells me I’m doing something right.

Anyway, how could anyone be afraid of me? I’m jolly. I’m jovial. I crack funnies and lighten the mood. I believe that there is no productivity in a comfort vacuum, so why not make everyone comfortable? Employers, I am available as a consultant.

In class this certainly translates well. You undoubtedly remember from your own experience those pregnant pauses when the teacher has asked a question – but nobody wants to say anything because they’re not quite ‘in the groove’ yet, or they fear saying something stupid. Well, (within reason, of course), I will always say something to get things rolling – to break the proverbial ice. At my age I have no business being shy. The kids are nervous, that’s completely normal, but my willingness to stick my hand up and say something – anything – to get the dialogue moving has proven useful on more than one occasion.

The difference between this semester and the last one is in the courses. First, I’m taking four, not five. This will open up some study time that just wasn’t there before. Of course, here I am, using some of that new-found study time to write this little blog, but that’s okay – this hones my writing skills and ultimately creates a better overall package.

Second, the courses this semester – with the exception of GNST which is continuing from the Fall – are all in communications. I’m very happy about this because it leads to information overlap, which is an excellent way to learn – each course serving to reinforce the material of the others.

The readings are piling up nicely. I suspect however that this term will see most of the reading dispatched over the first few weeks so I am making a determined effort (in between blogs) to keep up with the reading and even get ahead of it.

This is the stuff of life, isnt it? Striving – striding forward – always working toward knowledge and our own perfection. Perfection is quite unachievable, of course, because it is in the eye of the beholder, but isn’t it the effort that counts?


Constructive thoughts please

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