The first assignments are just about coming due. Yesterday I plugged away at the Mandela thing, did some reading. I feel things slowly ramping up but there’s no urgency yet. By this time next week I’m pretty sure I’ll feel it, though.

There seems to be a bit more group work so far this term, and the marks of two classes appear to be heavily dependent on it. This is a little disconcerting since it can be difficult to divvy up the work appropriately, with folks’ various talents leveraged and the work assigned evenly. We will see how that works out in the long term. Hmm, seems a little like management to me. I suppose as the reigning old fart I must assume a key role in this.

My best friend continues with his radiation therapy, with side effects now coming on full bore. I wouldn’t be in his shoes for anything – although it could be worse: he could be enduring chemo. This is all a major distraction at times as I worry for him and try to stay positive without being trite. “Stay positive” I say. “I’m positive it hurts” he replies. Thanks to his treatments I’ve taken to doing jigsaw puzzles again – they are very therapeutic. I work on them in the hospital when I’m with him for his treatments, and on the bar at home in the basement to wind down in the evening.

Time passes so quickly when you’re working a puzzle: “just one more piece, ooh just one more piece, there’s one, just one more.” Always just one more piece, and before you know it it’s 11 o’clock not 10, and you’ve lost an hour of sleep. Oh well, it’s therapeutic.

It’s all good.


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