The journey continues. This week I finished two assignments, leaving 11 to go, and I’m currently working on the proposal and annotated bibliography for the final project of the last communications course I will ever take. Exciting stuff. 

Meantime, the house must be cleaned, dinner must be made, the dog must be walked, and the frigid temperatures must be endured. But hey, it’s February: we’re closer to March, now, than December, and that’s a really nice thought. 

Library time!


14 minutes


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Closer to March than December… I like that!!
    How long can we use that one? Somewhere in July? Maybe August? Now we have a little project… see what you’ve done now!! Made me count! 😉

    • Counting is good, but if it’s cold out leave your socks on. I try to be optimistic about things I can control. And, as of tomorrow, we’re closer to March than January.
      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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