A random school cap.

Today is Thursday. As of this last Monday all my papers were done. On Tuesday Dr F. handed us our take-home exam and I spent yesterday in my dungeon – I mean, my office – pulling it all together. “Plan to spend three hours on it,” quoth he. “Yah right,” quoth I. I just handed it in at his office, so my COMS and HTST courses are now ‘in the books’.

Now all I have left is my English exam – on the 18th – and let me assure you that I plan to spend far more than three hours getting ready for that – more likely three hours every day; for one thing I have to (if you tell my teacher this, I’ll deny it) finish the actual reading for the course so that I understand precisely what the hell she – who is most wise and knowledgable and erudite – was talking about.

I remember my first two semesters – in my first year here. I had classes six days of the week – I had to be here six days out of every seven for eight months! That was tough – especially as I was getting on the bus at 6am every day to avoid meeting people with the sniffles because a loved family member was fighting prostate cancer. After that year a million sparks flew – I know, because I counted each and every one. This latest term has been a walk in the park by comparison, and a lighter load yet to come. Not that I’ll take it lightly.

Next term will be the last two courses of my program – both on Monday. This means that instead of six days here, I’ll be six days at home – like a six day weekend. Well, it will feel like that, but there’s still the work to do. I’m not worried. I’ll get it done. I’m not coming this far only to skip out at the finish line. Hell, I’ve got family coming to convocation, so I have to get it done! 

I did something this week that I haven’t done for years. After I formally applied for graduation I hauled out my grad ring from York and put it on. Funniest darned thing: it doesn’t fit my finger any more! I didn’t know that gold shrinks. I also started looking around for grad rings from this school. Might as well get one – though who knows how long I have left to actually wear it! Of course, being an unemployed bum for the last three years I must save my sheckles, but it’s something I feel is worth saving for. I put my first nickel in the jar yesterday. 

So now I’m off to my final class of the Fall 2013 semester. Wow. 

Amazing how time flies. 


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