3 down

Well, I’m relieved and content. The excitement is over, the presentation done, and yes it seemed to go very well. We regaled ’em for over an hour on our chosen topic, and everyone seemed very much engaged. Well, almost everyone – there are always those who prop open their eyelids or hide behind a book. 

I must say, since this whole adventure began I haven’t been that guy very often. I can think of a couple of time in the first semester of year one when I was sick and just didn’t have the strength to participate. But other than that, it’s been pretty hard to shut me up. 

I think that’s the better way. I’m old enough to know that being wrong isn’t always a bad thing, so I’m not afraid to stick up my hand. I set realistic expectations for myself that maybe the juniors do not. I also allow my poor old brain time to rest occasionally – a very necessary habit. 

So that’s three of thirteen assignments done, for approximately 23 percent. I have a paper done and ready for submission tomorrow, an exam in eight days, and another in thirteen. I’ve changed my routine a bit: starting today I go in on my off days to do research and start those bigger projects. In return, I give myself the weekends off with a very clear conscience. 

Would you believe there are only seven weeks to go until the Christmas break?

Halls of Learning



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