Remember the Vancouver trip? Well, here’s what happened:

We got there and it was raining – go figure. This didn’t dampen our spirits very much though, and we headed to the dealership before we even found a room. 

The car is ten years old, but it was in the showroom. We decided as soon as we saw it that driving it home, 600 miles in the rain would be borderline criminal, so the decision was made to put it on a truck. This, of course, obviated my purpose in making the trip, but I really didn’t mind. The car was worth it. 

The Reason

This, and the process of payment, checking the vehicle out, gabbing with the salesman and so on were all very important work, but I had other fish to fry and I set about heating the oil.

While the thorny details were being addressed I found whatever space I could and pushed the paper along. I started it, tapping madly away on my iPad, in the truck and finished it in the hotel room. Then, once I was home again, I tidied it up and fired it through the printer.

Rushing ahead now, my little submission managed to draw a 90%. The teacher’s comment was “You’re on your way” and I’m bound to say, when I saw that I remembered my 1,200 mile trip and couldn’t help but smile. 

Next up: Mid-term Madness.



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