Do I feel like an old fart, or what? 

Today I actually had to shush a couple of students who just would not stop talking in class. And it wasn’t one of those friendly, grandfatherly “now-now-children-pipe-down” shushes either – it was a full-blown, steam escaping from the train, air-brakes bleeding, angry dragon fire breathing, horse snorting on a foggy morning kind of shush. 

To use the parlance, I gave it to them good. I flashed them the grampa glare.

What do you think? Was I grumpy? Was I rude? Or was I right?

So Classy




4 thoughts on “Shhh

  1. Sometimes the children just get a bit too much… I have a bunch of students on the train in the mornings who occasionally get the treatment you describe… they surly deserve it!! 😉

  2. I don’t envy your finding the line between admired teacher and disciplinarian. I’m no expert, but I truly believe that children of all ages need boundaries. You did the right thing, just throw them a bone every now and then!

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