This is the second year of my program, and it’s nice to once again see some of the students I laughed and studied with last year. Good kids (I’m sure they would hate me to call them that) for example, like Graham, Justin, and Brook.

Ah yes, Brook. Brook, who tells me that she showed her mom this blog last year, and told her all about the old guy in school – the old guy who is actually only one year older than her mom, and so could very well be her father; the old guy who is kinda cool, just like one of us, and – okay Brook, I’ve got to get these words exactly right – “not creepy at all!

It’s hard to over-estimate the effect of this kind of approbation, except to say that it feels really very positive.

I do still get the occasional sidelong glance (Ew, what’s that!) from some of the students, but when that happens I just pretend I’m faculty. Or, if it happens in class, I just pretend I’m an adult.


Constructive thoughts please

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