Once again I’m puzzled by the book thing. I went on Saturday and tried to buy my books for the upcoming semester. I signed in, printed off the list, and went hunting. I found most of them, but this General Studies course is something else, as it was last time. Okay, I know, it’s called Communication and Culture 501a this time because they re-jigged to half courses.

There are three books listed for CMCL501a (Modernity) and I picked them up in a package from a great big pile at the end of the row. I paid for it and went back to my car. (I know, this is exciting, isn’t it?) Once back in the car, rather like Christmas, I ripped into the package to examine my new treasures. I immediately noticed that one of the books was the same as for GNST300 (now CMCL300). I did a double-take and compared it against the list that printed off. All present and correct, but a duplicate to a book I studied last fall and winter. Concerned about this duplication I started a slow boil, but reduced that to an amused simmer when I realized that by being smart I can take steps to put the duplicate, brand-new, virgin book up for sale and perhaps make a little coffee money for my trouble. Anybody wanna buy a book?



Constructive thoughts please

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