I spoke of muscle memory back in September when I first headed back to class, in connection with how it feels to apply such cranial combinations as are required to succeed in school – that certain kind and degree of effort necessary to get to the pedagogic Nirvana. Well, I felt it again this week – if only for a brief time – when I headed back to campus to pick my courses for Fall and Winter. Why head back to the campus, I hear you ask, when by all things modern and shiny the capacity exists for me to choose my courses online? Well, because I am an old fart, relatively speaking, and because I get a headache if I try to do too many complicated things online and unassisted.

Anna-Marie is the ‘Old-Fart Advising Specialist’ (I believe it says this on her lapel pin) in the Student Success Centre, and yes, it is most definitely worth my while to go and sit with her for a while, to cut through all the bullshit and get to a result. Left to my own devices there is doubt, fear, anger and confusion in the course-selection process, but with Anna-Marie looking on there is none. Not only am I happier speaking to an actual human being, but the whole process is faster, smoother, error-free, and I am more assured about the results than I could ever otherwise be. Right from the get-go I am confident that I have good courses, from the correct lists, in the right time slots, and that any needed prerequisites or permissions are in place.

Anyway, as a result of that brilliantly-spent hour, here’s my curriculum:

Fall 2012
Textual Modernity
Critical Media Studies
Food Culture and Communication

Winter 2013
Block Week Course
Advanced Topics, New Media and Society

Winter 2013
Media and Cultural Industries
Interdisciplinary Research Methodologies
Contemporary Culture

The Block Week course should be good. That’s doing a whole course in one week, from 9am-5pm. I told Anna-Marie, “I can do that – I’ve worked 40 hour weeks on the job for as long as I can remember!

I’m enjoying (for the most part) my summer break, though part of me wants to get stuck back in again. First though, I want to cut myself a break and do some pre-reading, so my next task is going to be to contact the profs or at least the requisite department for the Fall courses, to get reading lists. Then, perhaps, I’ll make another trip to the library to read from borrowed copies rather than get stuck with expensive wrong editions.

It’s June. There are still July and August before school starts. I still have chores to do (painting and whatnot) and yes, I’d like to get on with my reading. But two months will pass in a heartbeat, and before you know it I’ll be, as the song goes, “back in the saddle again.”


Constructive thoughts please

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