Sooo tired

This summer vacation business is tiring! School was stressful enough, with deadlines and pressures and whatnot, but this non-school thing is tiring, physically – there is just so much to do!

Sooo tiredTake this morning, for example. It’s 930am. Ages and ages ago, at 845am, I somehow managed to swing my legs over the edge of my bed and make myself vertical. With great difficulty I donned my housecoat and trudged, erringly, to the bathroom where I worked hard to wash, brush, and comb – and everything else that one does in such places. Then I stumbled into my office where, if you can imagine my torment, I had to use my toe (the sore one) to turn on my computer.

Oy vey, but I was tired!

I then had to make the arduous trek to the kitchen to make breakfast. This of course involved getting out a very heavy pan for hash-browns, going slowly to the fridge for the ground coffee, then shuffling all the way back to the stove and turning it on. And of course, because I was so tired I forgot the eggs and had to go all the way back to the fridge for them too! Sometimes I truly am my own worst enemy.

What seemed like an hour later, the coffee was finally ready, the  eggs effectively supine, the hashbrowns nicely hash-browned – the aromas in the kitchen were starting to wake me up a little – especially the coffee, which is always exciting – but I was still so tired.

I coloured my coffee to taste, sat down to eat, and went to turn on the television to check the news. But, wouldn’t you know it, I had left the remote on the countertop. So all the way back I had to go, across the huge room to get the remote, then back to my breakfast – which exercise only tired me out even more!

I yawned and stretched, and ate my eggs and drank my coffee – thankfully for my mandibles I had not made too much food. Then finally I left the kitchen – somewhat refreshed – to dress myself and begin the rest of my long, tiring day.

Oh my gosh, I thought as I buttoned up my shirt. There’s another 120 or so of these oh so  very tiring days before school starts again!

How will I ever survive?


Constructive thoughts please

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