Let’s be clear about this: school is OUT! Classes are done, exams are writ, and now I’m like a 10 year old, with a long, hot summer looming, the promise of untold adventures, unlimited opportunities to decompress, and a chance to get everything in my personal life caught up once more. It is amazing how one’s priorities change during the school year.

My summer will consist of a large number of chores – work at and on the community hall, on the homestead and so on. I’m working on the community’s new website, and I’ve started a Twitter thread and a Facebook page for the community association. I plan to run them on a volunteer basis, and yes the goal is to show that I am capable. Next week I’m holding a garage sale, and I will be writing and producing photo sets all summer long to demonstrate that I’m just a little bit more than a snapshot photographer. I’m adding a gallery of mountain photos from last week’s Kananaskis trip – enjoy!

School is not completely forgotten, however. I already know three out of four of my course results, and am not unhappy with them. I also know that I can start registering in Fall and Winter courses on June 20th. At the same time I am still exploring the potential in a self-directed research project. So far the idea I’m considering is The Importance of Communication in Aviation, reasoning that when you and I fail to communicate the result is at worst a spat of some kind, but when pilot and ground fail to communicate, or if a pilot fails to communicate with his co-pilot, it is not egos that hang in the balance, but lives.

It’s a work in progress. I have some reading to do, and apparently I need to write a one page proposal to support my application. I’ll be working on that after the garage sale. There’s no rush: my supervising professor has expressed a preference to do this in the Winter term because of his earlier commitments.

If this blog slows down a bit over the summer I hope you’ll understand why. Between my chores and my self-assigned tasks and the occasional little entertainment, I’m hoping to be fully refreshed when I hit campus once again: refreshed, alert, and yes, wiser for the experiences of my first year as an old fart, back in school.


Constructive thoughts please

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