Year One – in the books!

As the title says, ‘year one is done’. With Saturday’s exam a year’s worth of tribulation, angst and anxiety is now in the rear view mirror. I have things to do, of course, to prepare for September, but for a little while at least I’m going to try to tidy up the other areas of my mortal coil – like my mind and my other responsibilities.

Yesterday, to celebrate the end of the semester, I treated myself. Instead of getting up at 530am and going to school, I got up at 445am, got in the car and drove out to the mountains. I decided to do this on Saturday when on the bus going to school for the exam. As we headed along Glenmore Trail yesterday I could see the mountains glowing so beautifully tangerine with the sunrise that I just knew I had to get there and see it up close.

I’ve taken lots of photographs and will add a link to an upload once they are labelled and ready. In the meantime, here’s one I took on the cell phone.


So today summer officially begins, with back-breaking community work. I’m also going to be doing a lot of painting this summer, holding a garage sale, doing some gardening, rebuilding the community’s website and – hopefully – I will set myself up to do a lot of next semester’s reading before that chapter even begins. All that starts in half an hour.

What’s that? Oh, I dropped the Co-op program. I came to realize that unlike the kids I actually do have plenty of things to accomplish over the summer, and that while the university won’t discriminate against me based on my age, employers certainly might. They say they’re looking for experienced people – but for summer student work?

Anyway I’m going to close my eyes for the next ten minutes, then get up and begin the summer. But just because it’s summer doesn’t mean I won’t be writing, so be sure to stay tuned.



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