I’m like

So I’m, you know, like, nearing the end of my first year back in school and I have to say it’s been, like, quite an experience? And I’m not really sure what has been the best part? But actually I’ve, like, really enjoyed almost all of it, you know?

Perhaps all my, like, teachers can’t or won’t say the same about having me in their class? But I’m like pretty sure I helped out a few times? I figured out pretty early that there was no point in being shy about things? And no matter what the end results of the first year are, academically, I’m, like, pretty sure I got my money’s worth.

Next year I’d like to work a little differently, but then I’m hoping I won’t have to deal with any of the peripheral stuff either. Frankly, cancer in the family can really pull in some areas and push in others, and yes, it was a factor this year. Looking back, as a matter of fact, I’m actually amazed that I was able to concentrate as well as I did: when someone you love is afflicted and suffering it’s hard to make anything else seem important.

And yet, at the same time, because you’re powerless to do anything for them in their battle besides be there, you must somehow wrap your mind around doing something progressive for yourself. At a time and in a circumstance which requires the utmost patience and understanding and presence, you have somehow to find positive ways to think of yourself. That’s very hard to do.

The kids at school have been very good for me in that regard. As anyone will tell you, hang around with the young and sooner or later you’ll start to think young, even if you don’t feel that way. That don’t mean I’m, like, switching to rap or hip hop, or giving in to bad grammar and inane catchphrases, or that I’m going to start cribbing with my homeys calling them rude mofo’s and chilling’ wit m’ beeyatch – I didn’t give in to that honky talk in the seventies and I’m not going to do it now. But at least I’ve been given access to the dictionary and permission to study the lingo, if that is my wont. Who knows: it might be useful to know a few slangs. Like, for example, when you’re getting ready to close down a blog thingy, knowing that it’s appropriate to say something like: “peace out”.

Here’s to education.



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