Thinking out loud

I have two weeks left. In that time I have to give two speeches and write two quizzes and a final exam. It’s hard to believe that it’s coming down to this: year one – almost over, in the bag, kaput.

20120403-074213.jpgI have the option of turning this into an honours degree and I think I’m going to do it. I have an appointment on Thursday with the coordinator to go over requirements.

As I understand it right now it involves doing a significant research project, writing a 40-page thesis and taking an oral exam. It stretches over the final two semesters – fall and winter – so I would have to say that it’s important to pick a subject I will really enjoy.

So let’s think about that: what sort of communications topic would I enjoy researching? Let’s see, I’m passionate about aviation, could I tie that in at all? It has to be communications-oriented, so what about lingo – aviation-speak? What about radio work? Clear communication in difficult circumstances and unclear channels. I could analyze the role of communication – or the lack of it – in aviation disasters. As a former private pilot myself I have a bit of a leg-up on the importance of brevity in the air, of transmit vs. receive, of the phonetic alphabet etc. I could conduct a poll on what people think of safety in the sky and use that as a springboard to the communication issue.

Let’s mull this over.

In the meantime I need to think about my courses for next year.

And right now I need to get myself to class.


Constructive thoughts please

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