The germ of an ending

Three seems to be the magic number just at the moment. Three weeks (more or less) since my last entry in this missive; three weeks (more or less) until the end of the semester; three exams left; three major assignments to be done.

But one is my magic number today: as in one day away from the hubbub and the hurly-burly. One day to lie-in, one day to actually take the time for breakfast, one day to myself to sit and do not very much. No bus rides today, no chores, no reading, no writing, no computer monitors. Just a day off: me and my headache and whatever I choose to do, to decompress.


So I’m taking it. Knowing that I have to get right back to it tomorrow leaves some pressure on, but for now I’m just going to close my eyes and think happy thoughts.


Constructive thoughts please

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