I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last entry. I have tried several times, of course, but I have been extraordinarily busy, and frankly and with regret the quality just wasn’t there. I’m sorry, but I can not deliberately ask you to read something uninteresting or poorly penned.

Reading Week was not as restful as I wanted or expected – I worked on three assignments, and got no reading done at all. I took only two days to myself – I used one to clean house and the other to make all-day ribs.

Actually, I was not unhappy to find myself back on the bus when Reading Week was done. It was good to be back in the routine. Prescribed pressures are alright – as long as they don’t all pile up at once – although as everyone probably knows, that’s exactly what they tend to do.

I have taken to working on jigsaw puzzles in the evening, a sure sign that I’m under stress. I find them very therapeutic.

The Jigsaw

They don’t exactly take the stress away, but they allow the mind to retreat for a while, to a place where only one thing matters. In philosophical terms each piece placed is a positive reinforcement of sorts,  a small accomplishment.

School continues apace. I keep thinking back to Orientation when we kids were told to make sure that we take some time for ourselves as well as our studies. When I do the math this does not add up. There is not enough time to get all the reading done and to keep up with all the proposals, the projects, the speeches, and the essays. Still, we do what we can. As I’ve said before, most of the benefit of the university education is in learning about responsibility and dependability.

I’m still coming in early in the morning every day. It’s almost daylight when I get here now – where just two weeks ago I was arriving in darkness. The world keeps turning, no matter what we do.


Constructive thoughts please

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