Reading Week

Is Reading Week really just for reading? I suppose in theory it is, although I am quite sure it’s no mistake that three separate assignments are due either Monday or Tuesday of next week. “There, that will keep you busy through the break!” I imagine various profs expostulated. “Take time off, will you? Hah!” Insert maniacal laughter here.

I have not touched those assignments today. Well, one briefly yes – the others no. I did manage to update my resume for the Co-op program and I sent that away for approval. Other than that, the assignment I did get to I pretty much just glanced at and did some thinking. Big whoop.

No, today was pretty much reserved for sleeping in (oops!) and for getting organized. Yesterday while I was cleaning house (twice yearly whether it needs it or not) I noted the deplorable state of my office and hit upon a better way to lay it out so that I could use it to study without getting claustrophobic. Today I implemented that plan.

I also spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out how to upload my Onenote study files to Windows Live. This is so that I can access my notes on my PC without having to have the laptop going at the same time. Boy, what a chore that was! I mean, perhaps if there had been a pop-up message when the upload failed I might not have wasted half my day thinking it was working fine, but no – the progress bar just hung there – until I finally figured out that something was amiss. It seems that even though Microwhatsit have allotted 25GB of memory to me for free I’m not allowed to upload anything bigger than 50MB. With the size of my class notes files, this severely cramps my style.

Unfortunately, these distractions have left me with that much more to do over the next six days: let’s see, the huge General Studies paper (ick!), the new Rhetoric assignment, the Comms History proposal and yes, a huge amount of reading.

Em thinks that for the sake of my sanity I should pull it back and take only three courses at a time.

I’m giving it some serious thought.

Constructive thoughts please

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