Macewan Hall is a typical large, modern (80’s), cavernous, cathedral-like administrative university building. It is warm, cozily bright, a little worn at the edges, and it sports large, comfy chairs in which students can read, talk, eat, or sleep – or all of these.

I frequently start my university day here. It’s open 24 hours and at 630am it’s almost always a nice, quiet place to sit and contemplate the activities of the day ahead – either with pleasure or foreboding.

This morning I was here nice and early again. It was quiet again, remarkably so. But there was one sound today which somehow made it seem even quieter.

Somewhere upstairs someone was playing a flute. The sound was not imposing. It wafted, serene, almost surreal through the air. For the longest time I closed my eyes and just absorbed the almost Aztec calm it engendered.

That was such a nice way to start my day.

South American Flute

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