Ok, teachers at the university level – listen up! Or listen down, or whatever is your preference, but listen: I think I speak for students everywhere when I say, quit making us buy a whole text book just because it has one chapter that you like. Also, quit picking the most expensive book you can find. Also, quit making us buy a text book that you “fundamentally disagree with” and that you will never reference in class. Also, consider smaller texts over larger ones in deference to all the crap we kids have to carry around!

If you want us to know what you think, then teach us what you think. If you want us to know the material in the book and to treat it as gospel, then pick an affordable, well-written (read, not academic) and dare I even wish it – entertaining – book with which you agree, and which meets the needs of the subject matter. Don’t make us buy heavy tomes which will be half-ignored during the course and quickly traded back in after the final exam is done.

It’s such a sad thing that most students don’t actually keep their text books – some don’t even think about keeping them after the class is done! What a commentary on their purpose in going to university – that they are there for the piece of paper only – the letters after their name – and that they really don’t give a damn if the material becomes a part of them. So sad if the material doesn’t inspire them to want it with them always.

University is such a big, expensive machine – I sometimes wonder if its purpose is me, or itself.

Constructive thoughts please

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