MacHall Cathedral

Ok. Quiz done. I waxed poetic on the subject of McLuhan’s hot and cool, and Innis’ time- and space-based theory as it pertains to hieroglyphics and the heiratic. Fingers crossed that I said something a) correct, b) intelligent, and c) erudite.

The pressure that builds up before an assignment is due is singular. I suppose it’s the difference between distress and eustress – the former serving as a barrier to everything, the latter serving as impetus to great things. There’s always a moment when you shrug your metaphorical shoulders and say “well, I’ve done what I can do,” and in that moment the best thing you can for you is to relax and resolve to enter the exam room calm and refreshed. For today’s quiz I spent the final hour listening – eyes closed – to Aaron Copland. That took my mind off the quiz altogether, and allowed me to be fresh in the exam room, not stressed.

Music hath charms.

Next is my Co-op resume review.



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