Rest. Relaxation. Vacation. Holiday. Time off. Time off for good behavior. Quietus. Whatever you call it, it’s nice to be able to just veg for a while.

I really feel for those who are still writing exams. I mean, how can you effectively decompress over Christmas with an exam on the 21st? I’m just glad that I got my stuff over with right away.

I applied to the coop program prior to December 1st as required. Now I’ve registered for my interview (January 10th) and there’s a mandatory workshop at the end of January for those who are accepted. Gee, I hope I’m allowed in. I can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be, but you never know…

I actually met with a recruiter on Sunday and had a nice little chat about things. Karen – obviously smart and intelligent (Hi Karen!) seems convinced that I have some advantages over the other ‘kids’ in that I have experience in the workforce and am a mature individual. I reinforced this of course with a reminder that I am a self-starter, well-organized and most enduringly compassionate about problems when they arise. I think on my toes and have a good sense of how to empathize with people in difficult times. I honestly think I’d be a great fit for PR – I have a lot of related skills. We discussed things in great depth, and I realized that I really wouldn’t mind the chance to work a little while I’m doing this studying. Truth be known – as my mother has reminded me – I worked all the way through my last degree and still managed to make the Dean’s list, so I’m sure I could do it again if the opportunity arose. Of course others gleefully remind me that I’m older now than I was – that I need more rest to maintain my devilishly good looks – I just ignore them. Ultimately, I do what I have to do as well as I can.

Anyway, this is starting to sound a bit too much like a resume. I’ll move on for today.


Constructive thoughts please

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