The semester is winding down – tomorrow is the last class – political science. I got the prof-tech-Comms report done on Tuesday – the deadline was Tuesday. They actually offered a grace period but I didn’t use it because I have other courses, too. After the project I did the 201 take-home exam. The deadline for submission is tomorrow – I submitted it today. I had a GNST class this morning. That’s a big, chunky course and the review session was a huge benefit. At least, I hope so.

So now all there is left is tomorrow’s class then the political science exam on Monday and the GNST exam on Tuesday. Then I’m done. Then Christmas can start: I can go get some ‘stuff’ and get it packed and shipped; I can put the tree up – yes, I’m putting the tree up; and I can see about trying to fix the house lights which we bought last year.

That’s a story in itself: cheap crap purchased at the new Lowe’s store last fall. By the time last Christmas arrived half the lights on the garage weren’t working. In the spring we took those sets back for a refund. This year half the house lights aren’t working! You know, we had the ‘big’ bulbs all around for 20 years – we had to replace the bulbs from time to time, but never the whole set! We never had any serious issues with them. Then people talked us in to getting the LED lights and for us it has been a royal pain in the petoot. No, we’re not taking these back – its too far to go and it’s not worth the hassle.

Anyway, how did I get here!!?

I need to decompress.


Constructive thoughts please

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