The big blow

It’s Monday morning, and it has just occurred to me that this is basically the last week of class. Unbelievable! Now doth the heart beat faster as the realization of impending doom, er, deadlines hits me hard at last.

Of course, it doesn’t help that today I have the germ of one of my headaches. It’s weather-related this time – you see, yesterday it was 13C but we had force one hurricane winds through – trees down, trucks blown over, roofs blown off – that sort of thing. Then last night it snowed, and the pressure differences required to make that sort of thing happen just play havoc with my head.

Some days it gets really bad, but today I hope to be too busy studying to think about pain. If it doesn’t work out that way I’ll have to make up the time because – refer to above – there’s only so much time left. It’s a conundrum.

Well, now je mange, and then, off to do some secondary research.


Constructive thoughts please

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