Deep dip

No, I’m not talking about myself, though you would be forgiven for thinking so. I’m talking about yesterday and where it stood on the roller coaster.

There was a long climb, a jerk, a slow apex and a long, screaming-fast descent into the abyss. Then there was a plateau – a long rest, five hours in the waiting room – as I waited to get out and move on to the next ride. Actually it was a tough day.

But that’s enough of that metaphor.

I keep hoping my blog will become more analytical – right now it’s opinion at best, invective at worst. Of course, it’s part personal journey, so it must have some personal elements.

As far as that goes, I think of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and wonder where I am right now. Let’s look at it. First, I’m aware that the cave exists. Second, I’m aware that sunlight exists. Ok, good start – I’m ahead of those other guys.

Am I chasing the sunlight? Some would say that just by being in the halls of learning I am chasing the sunlight. But am I nevertheless enslaved – shackled? Staring uselessly at my images on the provided wall? Pretty much.

So when does enlightenment begin? When do I get to see sunlight? Is all of life spent in the Cave? Am I – are we – doomed to a lifetime in the cave, satisfied with what we are shown? How do we get out? Must we be shown out, or can we find our own way? Is our own Hell tied up in satisfaction, or dissatisfaction?

Is God running the projector?



Constructive thoughts please

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