There’s something singular about hanging around in hospital waiting rooms. Truth be known, it sucks – especially in the cancer clinic. Especially in this waiting room, which at 6 x 11 is obviously intended for five people, not the ten they’ve got chairs for.

I’m not looking for sympathy at all, but it’s difficult to do this kind of thing and study at the same time. It’s also difficult to write an exam on the same day you have to do something like this. The only thing that could make it more difficult is if I were the one being prepped for treatment. I’m not, but it’s still difficult.

Exams. People… What’s wrong with sitting still after an exam and waiting for time to expire? What’s wrong with respecting your fellow students’ right to an atmosphere that’s conducive to concentration? If that can’t be done then what’s wrong with the idea of leaving quietly? Packing up and going “quietly” – not banging your desk, scraping your feet, talking to your friends, again – respecting your fellow students’ right to quiet?

Does anyone think this way anymore? I went and spoke to a Department Head after that exam this morning – I was some pissed, let me tell you. He told me that the quick students demand the right to get on with their day after writing their paper and it’s not their fault I’m so goddamned slow. Well, he didn’t say those words exactly, but that’s what he meant. He suggested that I try to make arrangements though disability to write my exams in a quiet environment, or to arrange to write it during a Prof’s office hours so that the level of noise can be controlled a bit better. That made me feel great. I’m not disabled -Ii just want peace and quiet. What is so unreasonable about that?

I told him i don’t have a problem with people leaving after writing a quiz, but when the whole course hinges on that exam I think a person should be allowed to concentrate on doing their best, regardless of another person’s need to play video games!

Oh, listen to me. I sound like an old fart. I guess I’m just not feeling very generous at the moment.



Constructive thoughts please

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