Ups and downs

Has anyone else noticed the roller coaster ride of emotions that is this university experience? It’s ups and downs in the true sense of the phrase!

Example: I’m given an assignment and I think “I can do that”. Then I’m given another, and another, and another and before you know it when I sit down at my desk to actually get it all done, I don’t know where to start.

That can be frustrating so it becomes a process of carefully weighing and balancing first the breadth of the assignment, then the relative difficulty, then the due date, and in truly finite calculations how I’m already doing in the course, and finally – what the heck I can stomach at that moment.

If I’m a good boy I pick the most difficult assignment first. If I’m not, I procrastinate and do the plum job, reasoning that – hey, it’s all progress!

I must say that for the most part I’ve been a good boy this year, though there have been days…

Ultimately it must all be done. Stomach churning, even the ugly jobs must be completed. Forge ahead, that’s the ticket. Surge onward. Attack!

I want to form a procrastinators club, but I keep putting it off.


Constructive thoughts please

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