Dog days

Ok, I think I can officially say that these are the dog days of the fall semester. I’ve had a couple of relatively quiet days since the last round of quizzes – the results are still to come in. Every lecture brings new information which I know will be on the next quiz or exam, and oh by the way the next paper is due in five days and the next round of exams starts in under three weeks. At the same time the old demons start floating around – the poking, prodding, nasty, laughing at me with malice not kindness demons, questioning and making me question why I’m even here. AND, tonight it’s supposed to snow. I can’t think of anything I like less than snow – nothing will ever irk me quite like snow does.

Don’t mind me; I had a rough day yesterday. I had the weirdest headache – severe pressure all over my scalp, but no real pain! Coffee didn’t fix it. Food didn’t fix it. Ultimately by about 4pm I think it was a combination of fresh air, adrenaline, and distraction that fixed it. Sadly, distraction is not something I need right now.

The early morning thing is good. I know that I would not be as disciplined if I were staying home – there would be too many other things to do. But I need fewer days like yesterday. If I can have fewer days like yesterday I should be ok. Yesterday, other than the lecture, was basically a throw-away.

And that’s what today will be, too, if I don’t get to class!



Constructive thoughts please

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