Do it

It’s hard to get going this morning. Oh, I don’t mean that I’m sitting watching TV or anything like that – I have actually been accomplishing things since I got here at 645am. Just not critical, academic things. Things instead like this blog, like taking photos off my cell phone and putting them on the laptop, like breakfast and a compliment to A&W via their website. Useful, time-wasting, procrastinatory things like that.

Gratuitous empty library shot

Actually, and in my defense, I do have a half-assed headache today. It’s weather-related, I think – and this library is incredibly dry. It’s also one of those days when I don’t know whether or not to wear my glasses. Oh, and I walked two complete loops around the library to find the ideal desk. You get the picture: I’m absolutely bound and determined that today I will be at my decisive, unequivocal best. I think.
Don’t worry, I’ll get things done. As soon as this blog is out I’ll spend an hour going over the Communications material for tomorrow’s quiz. Then I’ll study for Tuesday’s General Studies quiz. After that, perhaps I’ll sketch the framework of the upcoming PowerPoint assignment, the questions for the interrog – er, interview – I’ll be conducting on November 10th, and finish the Technical Communications quiz that is due on Tuesday. And then I think, for the final hour before my 2 o’clock class, I’ll read ahead in Political Science.

Boy! There’s always something to be getting on with, isn’t there?


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