In the eye

With the first round of quizzes, exams and assignments behind me I’m enjoying a short calm in the proceedings just now – the eye of the storm, if you will. But it will not last long. The next wall is fast-approaching and it promises to be every bit as intense, if not more so, than the first.

I am awash with anxiety. Where I did well I have to keep doing well. Where I didn’t do very well I have to try harder and somehow get there. At the same time I must keep trying to network, to volunteer where I can (in the most efficacious places), and – most important – to allow my head time to clear once in a while – to take time to veg. Add to this that my best friend has this week had a diagnosis of cancer that has knocked the socks off of all of us, and hopefully you can see how the screw is definitely turning…

Anyway, I’m in it now, and it’s on.

So now, I dedicate the rest of this school year to Marc – my best friend of 21 years.



Constructive thoughts please

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