Awe shocks

It’s a tough lesson. Getting my results back from the first round of tests and quizzes – some are okay, one very definitely is not. I am shocked at less than 50% in that course – one which, quite frankly, I thought I was on top of. Now I’m going to have to go over the results with the T/A to make sure they’re correct and figure out what the hell has me so far behind the eight-ball.

It affects other things, too. I had an exam yesterday that depends a great deal on whether I’m ‘getting it’ with the framework of analysis and the levels of interpretation. I think I am, but… I also have a quiz today that will require a little synaptic dexterity and quite honestly this bad result has thrown my confidence quite severely out of whack.

So we’re waiting here at home right now for the people to come and install the new water meter – by municipal decree – and after they’re done I’m going in to school to bone-up before class.

During orientation we kids were told over and over again that we should be sure to make time for ourselves – do some of the extra-curricular things that we kids like to do after hours, you know. Well, I’m starting to think it’s all bunkum!

Study. Study hard. Study very long, and when you’re not actually studying make sure you’re thinking about studying because obviously, eating, drinking and – well, you get the picture – is the only way through this degree thing. All those extra-curricular things I took on don’t look very attractive just at the moment and I’m going to have to decide if I can keep doing them.

It’s 820 Saturday. If the water people aren’t here by 830 I’m going to school. My exam is at one.


Constructive thoughts please

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