I Just Gotta

Okay, I’ve got to say someting about this. If you recall, I was feeling a little disjointed the other day about the new library and how cold it was and how there were no books – how it was all digital and cold and modern… you remember. Well, today – because I was here bright and early, because there was no line-up, and because I really am curious about what is apparently the eighth wonder of the world (to hear everyone else speak) – I finally removed the proverbial finger and got up the courage to ask the staff at least a few basic questions about the facility. And as it turns out, that was a good move.

I was told all about it. So much, in fact, that (woosh!) my poor old brain couldn’t absorb it all. There’s a tour on Monday at 3pm which I will probably attend, but the best thing I picked up today, is that the entire building is available for study, for reverie, for meditation and computational gymnastics of all kinds, and that in general the higher you go the quieter it is.

Well, I immediately started exploring, and this has been born out accurately. The first floor, with the coffee shop, the chit-chat, the walk-through traffic (passage to here, there and everywhere!) and a few disgruntled-looking students, seems to be a handsome though unappealing space for any real kind of concentration. It seems to be more of a social networking zone than anything. The sixth floor, on the other hand is spacious, quiet, and clean, with cubbies for those who like cubbies, desks for those who like desks – all with power outlets, desk lights, and surrounded by – yes, books! Lots and lots of real books!

So the library is not looking quite as cold to me now as it did the other day. Right now, sitting here, working, enjoying the sixth floor view west to the Rocky Mountains, I think I might have found a permanent and possibly perfect place (stop that!) to study.

And now, I think that’s just what I’ll do.



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