Working it

As I said, mini crunch time. Slowly getting through it, though, with the rest of my life more or less on hold. I don’t know – should I take six courses the next semester? The schedule fits and I’d be ahead of the game going into possible co-op opportunities. A lot of work, though. I’m giving it a think.

I find the way they handle exams here a little strange. The rule seems to be “when you’re finished you can go”. Back at York it was “Bloody well sit there quietly until time is up!” I confess I prefer the old method – because people are very noisy, packing their belongings and rustling their papers. Another distraction.

Two more mid-terms to write, then a paper and a quiz, then a… The first two weeks really are a vacation, aren’t they? Ooh, thank goodness I caught my cold in the second week: it would have been a harsh reality to have write exams in the state I was in.

Note to self: get a decent eraser.



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