Okay, I’m starting to feel it – or at least to recognize it. The pressure of being the “Old Guy”. Yesterday in a tutorial class, we were split into two groups to discuss some of the texts we’ve been reviewing. Five in the group, three actually discussing stuff. Then when it was time to report back to the class it seemed as though I had been elected (acclaimed) the spokesperson. Now I don’t mind this – after all there is much muddy water in my river and I’ve seen a few more seasons than the juniors who surround me – but I also recognize the jumping-off point, so when it was time to discuss the second text I kept my counsel, looked down not up, and after a few moments of silent awkwardness I marshalled my very best theatrical voice and said, with conviction: “Courage everyone!” causing someone else in the group to hoist the banner and speak with pride. I really don’t mind standing up – after all, I’ll speak to a horse with a hat on – but a line in the sand must be drawn. I nodded and smiled.

Quizzes tomorrow. I suppose now I’ll find out whether I’m paying close enough attention. I’ve also been working on my two written assignments; this morning I laid out the essentials of my Recommendation Report.

Time for class!



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