Speak and ye shall be heard. Whine and they shall leave the room. No sooner did I say “gentlemen, you might want to reconsider the sprinklers and the fountains” than they were being purged. Smart people. And I didn’t even know they were following my blog!

My assignments are under way. Not to let the cat out, but I’m doing Oedipus Rex and A History of Violence anent fate, freedom and slavery. I watched the flick the other night again – with a more critical eye – and saw and heard much that I had missed before, when I was just a movie-watcher. Does that make sense? When Stall said “Yeah, I’m Joey.” in the bar back in Philly I heard a dripping contempt and disdain that I had never heard before. I saw plot points, too – beats, if you will – that I had completely missed before. Amazing. Anyway, I’ll be working up draft one in the next day or so.

I spent several hours yesterday doing my secondary research for my Technical and Professional Communications course. I must say that this Prof is leading a merry dance. “First, do this. Do it this way. Make sure you include this. The idea is not to miss this, that and the other, but don’t bother with those things over there. Unless you want to, and then only if it makes sense to include them. By the way, it’s true that this is week four’s assignment, but if you haven’t read week 13 yet you should do that now because it’s relevant to this assignment, too.” Like I say, a bit of a dance. I spent several hours yesterday secondarily researching online document collaboration sites – because that’s the assignment for week four and week 13. I started taking notes. I need to get that first draft out in the next couple of days, too – the finished product is due in less than two weeks. For what it’s worth, I don’t remember anyone at the insurance company giving a damn about all the details this assignment wants. Perhaps I’ve just forgotten all that.

I’m starting to get the sense already of how lazy my brain has become over the past 20 years. That’s insurance for you: the great soporific.




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