Weather, or not

On Friday it was 27C. The Sun was low in the sky as I waited at the bus stop and I had to find some shade. Frankly it was hard to take.

Then yesterday it was 10C, with some rain and a cold north wind; I had to use the +15’s at school just to keep warm. Only in Alberta can the change happen that fast. I notice the university still has the sprinklers and fountains going. With frost at night you guys might want to reconsider this… Oh wait, that was my old career. Moving on.

In COMS 201 we have set up a class Twitter space and some pretty good conversations are happening. The posts are supposed to be communication-centric – that is, we’re supposed to be discussing class material. I do see a number of other issues comic up, too, of course, but you know there’s still a high degree of communication relevance to most of it so I think it’s a good exercise.

I’m using my “mumps” photo as an identifier – the one where (I have been told) I look “large”. Is this good press? I don’t know, but I gotta be me. There’s more value inherent in being who I am than in trying to portray myself as some kind of middle-aged Demi-god. I cant lie: my Adonis days – if ever there were any – are long behind me. My best years, however, are still very much in the windshield. At least, I hope so.

I’m at Starbucks this morning. It’s Sunday and I’ve decided I’m not going touch a book today, unless it’s for the purpose of dusting underneath it. The house needs a thorough cleaning and that’s what’s going down today. No income now = no cleaning lady.

The cough persists, as expected, thanks for asking. It will be with me for about a month. Sometimes it’s so hard to inhale – even slowly – that my upper lip quivers. Sometimes when I don’t even bother inhaling my lip quivers. In those moments I feel so damn sorry for myself that it’s just not funny.

I still haven’t given away the beverage. Haven’t figured out how. Maybe I should have a raffle, or stand on a street corner.

Okay, they’re playing one of those newer, thump-thump, mindless, talentless newer song-like things. It’s time for me to go.


Constructive thoughts please

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