Bad driver

More muscle memory. It’s starting to come back to me – specifically, why I was so eager to get myself in debt and buy a car when I graduated from York.

It was all the damn bus drivers who take it on themselves to leave you standing at the bus stop, with nothing but your bus pass in your hand, while they just drive on by.

This happened again this morning. It was 630. I waited my eight minutes and the bus came along. There was no traffic but the light turned red. The driver saw me while he was sitting there. Then the light turned green. I held out my bus pass, but the driver looked right at me and kept on going.

The air turned blue. My face turned purple. I called Transit to complain, then Emailed the Alderman. Ten minutes later there was another bus. I stood in the middle of the road to make sure this bus stopped.

This driver said the stop was closed because of the construction. I pointed out the lack of signage and suggested while it’s a good thing to let drivers know, it might also be useful to tell the passengers.

The miscreant driver was late fifties, with a full, white beard. It was the 72 route. If you see this man, do not approach him! Just sit and stare angrily at the back of his head for the duration of your trip.

Oh, he’ll get the message.



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