A wonderful zippedy doo-dah day!

Sunday. My one day off per week. Of course, this week has been a little strange. With my rotten cold I haven’t been able to do half the reading I wanted to; my eyes hurt so much I could barely keep them open. I would swear that a couple of my profs have wondered if I was snoozing in the lecture hall – though I wasn’t.

Today is a bright and beautiful day. It’s going to be 25C and sunny, and we’re going to take in the last car show of the season; we’re not putting anything in but we’re going to go for a wonderful walk through the clean and the colorful, and enjoy the sunshine at the same time. Of course, if we were going to put vehicles in the show I would take text books and get some good reading done, but we’re not, so so much for that.

Tomorrow begins week three. I’ve put in motion the IABC membership and volunteering and I’m going to be joining a blogging club on campus. There is a lot you can do on campus. Every day this week there has been a fair-slash-bazaar in the Macewan Student Centre showcasing the hundreds of clubs students can join. Such variety! This sort of thing never existed when I was at York. There were clubs, but they just used the bulletin boards as I recall. I don’t remember any kind of “over-arching organization”.

Grande Caramel Macchiatto

Starbucks at Quarry Park gave me a free coffee this morning. The manager said it was “just because” and only asked that I pay it forward. So… I have tweeted in the COMS201 twitter board that I will be at Starbucks on campus tomorrow at 10am, and that the first COMS201 student to find me there will get a free beverage. We’ll see if anyone shows up. If nothing else it will be interesting, as an experiment, to see if anyone but me is watching the class twitter board on a Sunday. I will tweet the results to the class, and I’ll let you know how it goes, too.



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