Recovering nicely

Oh, my, but how challenging has been this week! It was a wicked, wicked cold I had – short and sharp! It would appear, however, that I’ve taken all the right pills, because I feel ever so much better than yesterday – and yesterday I felt that much better, again, than the day before.

I’ve had everything: tore froat, ruddy dose, sidus paid, headages, tore eyes, buscle paid, sdeezig, chivers, chakes, and some occurrences from unmentionable areas that are themselves best left uncelebrated.

The big monster for me, though – symptomwise – is the cough. The cough terrifies me – and there’s a very good reason for that: I’ve had pleurisy.

I quit smoking – cold turkey – about fifteen years ago now. About ten months after I quit I got hit by the worst chest cough I had ever had; that sucker had me flat on my back for over a week. It hurt to breathe lightly, lying on the couch. There was no question of exerting myself – I could barely move! That was the worst, but every year since then I’ve been blessed with a repeat performance – albeit progressively less severe. Every single year!

Yesterday at the height of the sinus thing I felt it all slump into my chest. I felt the tightening in my lungs – felt all my muscles tense up in anticipation of what has been as much as eight weeks of dry, unproductive cough with total misery and an inability to converse with anyone without having to interrupt all the time to cough, hack and wheeze – the inability even to inhale lightly without pain and anger.

That’s why I fear it. A cold means so much more to me than most. It can mean two months of misery over and above the regular symptoms.

This time, though feels a little different. Oh, I felt it slump alright, and it’s sitting there as I type this. But there have been long moments, this time, with no inkling of its evil presence, so I’m hoping this means that it’s not going to hang around so long. Yes, it would be nice if I could finally shuck the effects of all that silly smoking.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. Today better than yesterday, better than… Etc etc.

The good thing is that I didn’t miss a class. Oh, I wasn’t sure about that on Wednesday, but I held my breath, stuck it out and went in yesterday, regardless. I wasn’t the only sniffler and honker, I can assure you. I counted at least a half a dozen. I’m not where I’d like to be in my reading, but that will improve as my eyes feel better.


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