I’m awake!

I really am, though if I wasn’t before I left the house this morning I am now. Today is early class day and all morning day, so today’s the day I take the bus. You know, there’s just no way to rustle up a limousine at this time of day. My usual driver just says “To heck with that!” or words to that effect.

Anyway, I did everything I could to be as quiet as possible – to not wake up anyone else in the house – I’m just that kind of guy. I avoided all the creaky floorboards, used only the quiet light switches and even then only in the remote areas of the house – away from the bedrooms. I shaved quietly, flushed quietly, and very kindly left the emptying of the dishwasher to someone else.

When it was time to go I quietly velcroed my shoes, stepped out the door, closed it quietly. I even determined to be outside before zipping up my jacket – lest the horrid, screeching sound of plastic on plastic disturb anyone within.

Then I strode out. It’s a fresh morning – about 3C – I would need to generate a little heat on the way to the bus stop – i strode out, past number 12, number 10, 6, 2, then – holy crap!

While thus energetically striding out, what before me did step out? Remember a month or so ago I mentioned there is a family of skunks in the ‘hood?

I stopped instantly dead in my tracks. He looked at me once, then, thankfully, mosied on, tail and head just as high as they could be. He was aware of me perhaps, but certainly not worried. He walked over to the right sidewalk, I stayed on the left. He turned the corner toward Elbow, as I needed to do, then crossed over to the left sidewalk – where I needed to go. All the while I stayed a very respectable distance behind him. Finally, with my bus stop in sight and him still going straight toward it I called out: “Hey buddy, are we taking the same bus?”

After a couple more minutes he finally cut left into a back alley.

Like I said: “I’m awake.”



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