Blank Page

I thought about it, yesterday when I was waiting for my first class to begin. There I was, book open, note pad ready, pen firmly in hand. The page was blank, and – really – so was my degree. I realized that whatever went down on that page would be the beginning of the next leg of my education.

I tried to make it worthwhile.

It was an interesting class experience. About 150 in the room, with seven or eight standing at the back. I was one of two “mature” types, as far as I could see. I made the mistake of sitting at the back – you know, I didn’t want to appear to be too keen. It was a mistake because throughout the class all I really got to see was kids playing with their cell phones, doing their Facebook, chatting and giggling. Well, even if they don’t know why they’re here, I do, and for this morning’s class I’m sitting in the front row, right near the middle. I don’t need those distractions and will be taking a front-centre seat from now on – no question about it. I know what I’m here for.

This place was crowded yesterday – I mean, a mass of people. I’ve only been here in the summer so far, when it was relatively quiet, but yesterday was nuts. I suppose that every student registered had some sort of class to attend or something to take care of, so they were all here for the proverbial good showing. It will undoubtedly thin out over the next few days, as the youngsters drop courses and start playing hooky, and for me that’s a good thing.

Anyway, just a quick submission this morning. More thoughts later.

It has begun.


Constructive thoughts please

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