Let’s get it on!

Ok, tomorrow is the start of Orientation Week. My schedule includes group meetings (830am), induction (930am), a pep rally (yay!), a campus carnival, a President’s barbecue and a discussion of e common reading program book. And that’s just Tuesday! On Wednesday I have group meetings, faculty orientation, an Introduction to Academic Learning, Gauntlet orientation (along with the two stations), and a mature student social. Then Thursday adds University Involvement 101, meet the student’s union, and Tools for Success. (I should probably do that one.) Cheeses, I certainly didn’t have all this when I started at York 25 years ago! Times sure have changed.

Right now I’m at my favorite Starbucks – in Quarry Park – enjoying the start of my last real day off for a while. I’m feeling some trepidation about it all, as you might suppose from yesterday’s shorter entry. Oh, I’m confident, but there’s just no doubt about it – the lifestyle changes now. These are my last few breaths of free, relaxed air. From here it gets stuffy and tense.

James m


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