Gettin’ Excited!

You’d think I was going somewhere. Slowly, methodically and in dribs and drabs I’ve been getting things set up to head back to school.

I kept the courses I picked earlier in the summer; I suppose I could have watched every day for updates to the waiting lists, but even when I did check in they had never changed, so there’s really only one conclusion to be drawn: none of the other kids are switching either.

I’ve got almost all my books. ARKY, COMS, COMS, GSTD – have dinged me nearly $800 so far. All I have left to get is POLI, which was apparently only ordered about ten days ago (was that Bookstore Admin, or the Prof’s delay, do you suppose?). I checked at Chapters – they have them, but none in stock and they can’t even order them right now. Hmm, sounds like a reciprocal arrangement to me.

Oh well, I’ve been reading the ARKY text – quite interesting. Like watching OLN or Discovery, but hosted by smart folks. I’ve also skimmed through the other texts – actually high-quality tomes. They aren’t like most of the books of my English degree which were primarily poems and weird novels – these are texts with some pretty meaty stuff.

I’ve picked up my bus pass – valid September 1st. Everything starts changing a little over a week from today.

I’ve tidied up my office a bit. I had to empty a drawer in my filing cabinet of all the insurance crap. I won’t know what kind of space I’ll need until it all gets started, but if we’re tidy to start with we’ll mess up something pristine – we won’t be organizing something that’s already messy. Get my drift?

I’ve got to put together a to-do list now. Let’s see:

Organize folders on the laptop
Put stickers on the backpack
Prepare digital tape recorder
Pens, pencils, paper
Teeth, Glass, Geritol
Get glasses polished
Visit locker
Volunteer for something
Bring standard lamp from upstairs to my office, or buy a new one
Add more items to the list – I’m sure there are more to add

Stay tuned. It ramps up now.



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