Am I the only one who has school anxiety dreams? For years now – even with school being an almost definite impossibility – I’ve suffered from these. In the latest, which was entirely representative, I was in school but couldn’t find my class. I went all over the place looking for it – a tour of almost the entire campus – then all of a sudden I found myself in a group of about 400, and realized that the lecture was just getting under way; I had made it. But then I realized there was nowhere to sit. Oh well, I could stand for an hour and take notes on my clipboard, right? Then the person standing next to me reminded me that it was a four hour lecture… I woke in a cold sweat, thinking it can’t possibly be that way. It just can’t!

Last night I dreamt I was working – some office or other. It was the end of the day. I heard someone complain that the chemicals in the flowers had worn off so the bees were waking up – instructions were given to take the flowers outside, but there was a great deal of reluctance. I needed to leave the office through that exit so I started out, bees notwithstanding. I didn’t make it, headed back inside. A few of us were gathered and were taking about the situation, and the general consensus was that we would have to run. Of course, I realized that running would just excite the bees so I determined to go first, and decided I would walk quickly rather than run. I started into the foyer and there were more bees than I expected, a lot more, and they were more awake than I expected. I also noticed they were a rust-brown colour, and they were larger than usual. I put my head down and started walking – I could feel some of them crunching under foot. They started flying up around my face. I got to the exit, holding my coat tight around me, but I could feel that some of them had flown up into my right coat sleeve. I shook my hand as I left the building, trying to get rid of them without being stung. I could feel there were still a couple left when I woke up.

Anyone know what a dream like that means?



Constructive thoughts please

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