In the Rain

It’s a good thing to have opinions and to stand up for your convictions. It’s a good thing to believe in yourself and express and defend that belief. But there’s a time and a place to do so; there’s a time to put up, and there’s a time to shut up.

My opinion? I do not believe the Page’s behavior was at all appropriate. We all have the opportunity to express ourselves at the polls – the throne speech is a solemn occasion that affirms the democratic choice made at those polls – it is not a time for one voter to force her opinion on the entire country. Keep your opinion to yourself, my dear. In time you may look back and realize how foolish it was to subvert the process and distract the country from what was truly important. Your opinion is important to you, and that’s fine; but it’s not important to me, or to anyone else who has an interest in the process.

My great hope is that you not be rewarded for your bad behavior.



Constructive thoughts please

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