A Movement

No, this has nothing to do with bran muffins. Relating to the university experience, it means that things are starting to kick into gear. Apparently I can’t choose my courses until June, but now I’m told I can’t do it online either. My situation, vis it being a second degree, requires the active participation of a senior advisor – because of the transferability of the specific electives from my first degree. To be honest, I’m happier with this anyway; I was kvetching over the online process, which to an old fart like me was starting to feel a little gangly. So now I wait for contact from the advisor. I really want to make my choices so I can buy my books and start reading. As an older Tortoise, I need an extra head start!

I did some gardening this week, washed the car. That, of course, as summer follows spring, led to yesterday’s rain.

Part of me is wondering if I should open a Facebook page. I don’t know what it’s all about, you see, and it’s possible that I should – considering that I’m shooting for a second career in communications. As a mature individual (sic!) without all the facts I may question the need for all of these outlets, but I have a feeling that I’m going to need to know about them in the future. My main concern is Facebook’s record on privacy. I suppose that’s something I should plan to grow out of.

Hey! Kudos to Global’s Josh Groberman today – for correcting a grammatical faux pas on air. He said “traffic is moving pretty good” and corrected it immediately to “pretty well”. It is refreshing to see someone who is self-aware enough to know what they’re saying, and honest enough to correct themselves when they mis-step. I hold professionals to a higher standard anyway, so it’s especially gratifying for me when they hold themselves equally accountable. Too many times our television professionals prostitute their grammar in the name of charisma. I believe you can be accurate and correct, and charismatic – all at the same time! So

kudos, Josh, let’s go for coffee!



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