Waiting at Starbucks for my Caramel Macchiatto. I like Starbucks – it’s a modern day church. The wine is coffee, the bread is a variety of tasty little treats, the pews are comfy leather seats, and the Hymnal is a copy of Coffee News or some other local periodical. It’s a place to be serene and contemplative (at least if you’re by yourself) – like church, but better.

I’ve seen a variety of emotions since I arrived: hugs, handshakes, smiles, impatience, anxiety, calm, and if I look myself in the mirror, introspection.

The couple closest to me (Americano, grande x 2) are clearly embroiled in a sales pitch of some kind. I’ve heard the words “how much time”, “what cost”. Lots of hand movements. A professional duet.

The couple along the outer wall hugged when they met. Mere colleagues don’t usually do that, so theirs must be a personal encounter. Doesn’t appear to be illicit in any way, and they seem too distant to be family so I’m guessing that they’re former colleagues having a little reunion.

The trio near the door are having a meeting. “Paul” and the two girls (they are quite loud) are enjoying their tall beverages and having some kind of formal discussion – all three are chattering, taking notes, nattering, taking notes. Being productive.

At the far side of the chapel a job interview is underway – not for a Starbucks position (I’m sure Starbucks would do that sort of thing in the Parson’s chambers), but for some other place, time and activity. “What would you say is the most important…” “Do you have any experience handling…” and so on.

It’s truly amazing what can be accomplished in church when the din from the pulpit is distributed more evenly.

School. A card arrived yesterday – some initial instructions – how to check online for instructions on how to pick courses and who to call. I’ll log in later today to see what it’s all about. The last course descriptions I looked at were from last year, so I imagine they’ve updated them since. I’m looking forward to getting my reading list and getting stuck in to the material, even on my own.

I’m having guests for dinner tonight – that’ll be nice.

My car is still in the shop, sitting, doing nothing. No answers from Ford. It’s been nearly a month. It’s time to escalate. I phoned at 930 – said I want to know what’s going on by 1030. If they don’t call me by then I will phone their head office and insist upon my rights. I don’t like “escalating”, but sometimes it must be done and I’m certainly not afraid to do it.

Sunny today, 21C. Nice.



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