Oil Change

This old fart is getting some stuff done this morning. I make this egg thing at home like one of those big fast-food restaurants but better because of the love, and it was really good. For years I haven’t been a breakfast person, but since being laid off I’ve had the time to put something together in the morning so I’ve sort of gotten into the habit. I like the egg thing – that and a real cup of coffee. For years I’ve done instant, but it’s really not as good.

Anyway, getting things done. I’m at the dealership getting an oil change. That’s hard work, for someone, not me. The staff were very nice when I got here – calling me by my first name and everything. This is mostly because they messed up my last job so badly (it’s still not finished) that I had to explode at all four levels of management. Hopefully, the other job starts to reconcile tomorrow. That’s a long story – perhaps for another day.

I’m still waiting for correspondence from the University. I think I’ll Email them to make sure I’m understanding the process correctly; I don’t want to miss out on the best courses. I’m still excited to be going back, even with the hardships it will cause. It’ll be strange, but invigorating, and it will be nice to have focus again.

Gas has gone up again. Not here, but I’m sure it will soon enough. I just don’t understand how that works… When oil goes up, gas goes up pretty much immediately. When oil goes down, gas stays up – at least until they’re absolutely certain that oil won’t be going up again. I don’t care if the oil companies set the price together – after all, Coke and Pepsi cost about the same amount, too. What I wish is that their pricing strategies were more honest and transparent. It’s an industry that benefits at both ends – production and consumption – and that just doesn’t seem right. They need PR people. Governments of both Canada and the U.S. have both had enquiries, or at least “donut and coffee”, to try to figure this thing out, but that’s really like the wolf watching the chicken coop, isn’t it? I mean the government benefits from the higher prices too – in higher taxes – so what incentives are there for the government to be honest? It’s all a great, big revenue pie with lots of filling, and tons of cream, but which is not really meant to be enjoyed by the consumer.

Anyway, enough for today.

Sunny, 19C.


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