Another wonderful day. I tried speaking to Creativity again, but he was having none of it, so I hooked up with Lethargy instead. Lethargy and his friend, Apathy.

Sometimes we must look after stuff. Oh, it would be nice if the life-ocean were all plain sailing, but it seldom is – there’s always something to be looked after, some detail to attend to. That detail, today, was repair to my little car. They’ve had it (THEY being unnamed until I get really annoyed) for three weeks now, and the original problem still persists. How do we reconcile this?

On top of this they got their big, clumsy jackboots inside my little car and tramped around until she’s some kind of mud pit. There’s mud and grease on the floor, on the driver’s seat, on the driver’s door pocket! And there’s coffee spilt on the centre console.
Who needs this? If I wanted an F350 I’d, oh I don’t know – buy an F350!

They’re going to look after it. I told them I expect it to be detailed to within an inch of its life. It’s the least they can do.

Oh, on the school thing – I’m waiting for a mailing from the University so I can pick my courses. Life goes on in the meantime, but I’m waiting.

Watching some hockey.

More tomorrow.

Mostly cloudy, rain. 15C.


Constructive thoughts please

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